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The Women’s Resource Center offers programming in the form of educational events, community building events, workshops and presentations, and internships.

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Educational Events

Stitch & B!tch Critical Discussion Series
Stitch & B!tch (S&B) is a space for students to engage in critical discussion and analysis as a community while collectively creating stitch-based fiber art such as quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, etc.! Each session of S&B is a collaboration with another office on campus, and focuses on a different topic related to systems of oppression and social transformation.
The spirit of S&B is to encourage critical analysis of social issues while engaging in a creative, artistic activitythat helps to diffuse social anxiety, unify the group through a shared project, and serve as an expressive, cathartic outlet. Furthermore, S&B is a way for WRC to engage in a long legacy of feminist praxis of reclaimingstereotypically “feminine” domestic spaces/roles as radical space and time dedicated tocommunity building, political education, and political organizing under the unassuming guise of “women’s work. Check back closer to Fall 2024 for a list of our S&B upcoming events!
Scholarship Workshops
WRC offers scholarship workshops for students interested in applying for WRC scholarships. In these workshops, we assist students in determining which of our scholarships they may be eligible for, and share tips about requesting letters of recommendation and writing a strong personal statement. 

Keep posted on upcoming educational events by following our Instagram page, @uofuwrc !


Community Building Events

The WRC offers a variety of community building activities through each fall and spring semester!  We will post our Fall 2024 community building events closer to the fall semester!

We would love to have you stop by our community building events this Semester! Keep an eye on this page or on our Instagram (@uofuwrc ) for event updates and details!


Presentation Requests

WRC is building the number of presentation and workshop offerings available to the campus community. Currently, community members can request a WRC staff member to present an overview of WRC services and programs.

Requests can be submitted here.

Gender Justice Scholars Internship

WRC and the School of Transform are partnering to offer internship positions with the WRC each academic year. Each intern will earn a $1500 scholarship each semester.

To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Major or minor in Gender Studies
  • Successfully complete GNDR 2500 (majors can substitute GNDR 2500 with either GNDR 1100 or GNDR3690) in Fall 2023 and enroll in GNDR 3500 in Spring 2024
  • Apply for a WRC internship position in Spring 2024

Our application will reopen in March 2025 for the 2025-2026 academic year!


Last Updated: 4/29/24