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What is Go Girlz?

The Go Girlz Community Initiative is a program the Women's Resource Center at the University of Utah developed in 2004 to provide access to higher education for girls from underserved populations close to the University. Over the years it has transformed into an initiative that seeks to intertwine the access & knowledge created by the U of U with the wealth of knowledge and passion for success that exists in the communities that surround it. We seek to provide awareness and access to higher education to all girls and femmes that want to explore the possibilities of attending a college or university.


Participating in Go Girlz is fun and our workshops are planned to create a place for girls and femmes to talk about issues they face in their educational lives. We believe all students hold knowledge and have seen the power of sharing this knowledge intergenerationally by bringing U of U students and 6-12 graders together.

The empowerment workshops we facilitate include: dialogue, field trips and interactive art projects that connect to conversations of Self, Community, Personal Power and Leadership. These workshops are facilitated by U of U undergraduate and graduate students who are trained to work through a feminist lens.

In addition to our workshops, we advocate and provide services and mentorship for young women who dream of attending a higher education institution but do not necessarily know the process of how to achieve their goal.

For more information:  Flor Olivo 

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Middle School Age 6th- 8th

Mary W Jackson Elementary (6th only)

     Site liaison: Alicia De Leon 

Mountain View Elementary (6th only)

this is a during school opt in, please speak to school counselor for a referral into program

     Site liaison: Jerly Alcala-Gomez

Glendale Middle School

     Site liaison: Cassidy Bell

Northwest Middle School

     Site liaison: Aimee Tatton 

High School 9th – 12th

UNP Hartland Partnership Center (this site is open to all high school students) 

     Site liaison: Jarred Martinez

Highland High School

     Site liaison: tentative 

For more information:  Flor Olivo


Go Girlz Summer Camps 2019

Who can sign up?

Girls and Femmes in grades 8th – 10th

UNP Hartland Partnership Center

1578 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104


9 am – 4 pm 


June 17 – 21

July 15 – 19

August 5 – 9

 Click here for more info

Last Updated: 4/28/20