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 Thank You Willa's Workshop

We would like to thank Willa's Workshop for donating part of their proceeds from the Annual Fairy Festival to the Women's Resource Center.  

Willa's Workshop, Inc., is a non-profit corporation formed in 2008. Its purpose and mission statement is to folster the spirit of creativity and generosity in children.  Willa's Workshop was formed to celebrate the brief, spectacular life of Willa Tempest Jones who was born September 9, 2007.

We attended the event on September 18th and were amazed at the Fairy Festival environment that was created at a Salt Lake City home.

Thank you to the Willa's Workshop women for their support and for supporting students who are mothers at The University of Utah.  You can read more about Willa's Workshop at

Photos courtesy Willa's Workshop.

Last Updated: 3/12/19