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The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) at the University of Utah serves as the central resource for educational and support services for women.  Honoring the complexities of women’s identities, the WRC facilitates choices and changes through programs, counseling, and training grounded in a commitment to advance social justice and equality.  


the wrc is temporarily relocating to the annex officially on july 30, 2019. counseling groups will continue meeting in the A. ray olpin university union building.


The Women's Resouce Center is renovating its space in the A. Ray Olpin Student Union building in August. During the renovation, the WRC can be found in the Annex building near the Jon M. Huntsman Center. All individual counseling services, regular programming and general student support will continue as normal in the Annex. For individuals attending the group counseling, meetings will remain in the Student Union building. 

The WRC can be accessed by riding the TRAX Red Line to the South Campus station and walking a block east past the Huntsman Center. The office will be on the second floor of Wing A, Room 2180E.


Room 2180 E, Second Floor, Wing A, 1901 E South Campus Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84112

From scholarship recipients

"Words cannot express how thankful I am for the generous donations you have made on my behalf.  The financial situation I found myself in this semester was intimidating, and I felt very alone.  But thanks to you, some of that financial burden has been lifted, along with an immense amount of stress off my shoulders.  Thank you again for all that you do, you are key in helping women and students across the University Campus, and I have benefited immensely from your dedication to student success."


Thank You!

"I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart , for granting me with an emergency scholarship. In all honesty, I would not be graduating this Spring without your assistance. You were all so kind and helpful throughout the entire process and your generosity has helped me in more ways than you can know. Thanks to you I will soon be the first college graduate in my family!"

Last Updated: 7/19/19