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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Information
Indicates a required input.
  1. Please identify which scholarship programs you would like to be considered for.
    Please make sure you have read the description and requirements for each scholarship.
General Information
  1. Are you a 2016-2017 WRC Scholarship Recipient?
Academic Information
  1. Are you currently a Utah resident, as determined by the Admissions Office?
  2. Are you a U.S. Citizen?
  3. If no, please indicate residency status
  4. Did you graduate from a Utah High School?
  5. Year in School
  6. Which degree will you be working toward for the next year (2017-2018)?
  7. Is this your first Bachelor’s degree?
  8. Is this your first graduate degree?
Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
  1. Have you applied for other scholarships or other sources of financial aid?
  2. Are you receiving reduced tuition benefits and/or a U of U Tuition Waiver?
  3. If you answered Yes to either of these questions, please list all scholarships, financial aid, loans and tuition assistance and expected award amount.
    Scholarship Awarded
    Description Award Amount Yes No Don't know
Scholarship Related Information
  1. This information is collected as it relates specifically to the scholarship you are applying for. If you would like to complete other portions of this section, we may use that information to obtain additional grants and funds.
  2. First Generation College Student
  3. Do you have a gap of 5 years or greater in education?
    (from high school to college or during your college education)?
  4. Have you completed 24 or more credit hours at the University of Utah?
  5. Do you have dependent children under age 26?
  6. Are you a single parent?
  7. Are you a survivor of domestic violence?
  8. Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces?
  9. Are you or will you be employed full-time during the 2017-2018 academic year?
  10. Are you a qualified member or progeny of a member of Beta Gamma of Alpha Delta Pi?
  11. Are you or your parents Mexican Nationalist or were born in Mexico?
Required Documents
  1. If you have more than three transcripts, please email additional transcripts to
Letters of Recommendation

All scholarship applications require two current letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation may not be submitted that are more than 60 days old. Please have all letters of recommendation sent electronically via email to The letters of recommendation must come directly from the recommender and cannot be emailed from the applicant. Please have the recommenders put the applicant’s name in the subject field. Applications that do not have letters of recommendation received by the scholarship deadline will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

Furthermore, if I am selected to receive a scholarship:

Last Updated: 7/30/18