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Arts Groups


Healing Our Hurt (In-person)


This group is be a space where students can openly process emotions that are showing up in and out of the group, including their past hurts, and safely discuss aspects of their identity. Feedback and support of peers is highly encouraged. Group norms are established both in the pre-group interview and in the first group session. Please be aware that this group experience is meant to illicit emotions and create a safe space to process and heal together.  

Art & Identities Group (In-person)

Coming Spring 2024!

This group will allow students to take time for themselves, explore their identities, and foster creativity, self-compassion, and peer support. No experience is necessary and supplies will be provided. This group is for University of Utah students only.

More info to come! Stay tuned.


What to Expect

The Women's Resource Center offers a variety of support groups that provide a safe place for women to discover and reclaim their true selves. Our Arts Groups:

  • Are for U of U students who identify as women
  • Are free of cost
  • Are offered in person at the WRC
  • Provide a place for students to receive and offer affirmation and support
  • Require a brief intake with the group facilitator 
Last Updated: 10/3/23