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The Women’s Resource Center has been very involved in many areas and has addressed various campus and community issues over the last 40 years. Today we field a multitude of questions. Some of these are:

Who does the WRC Serve?

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) seeks to be a primary network of resources for all women on campus. As a Student Affairs office we work to collaborate with offices on campus in order to have the necessary knowledge to assist student, staff and faculty with appropriate resources. The WRC offers scholarships and financial assistance, counseling for individuals and couples (for U of U students, staff and faculty), support groups for women on and off campus as well as opportunities to volunteer and get involved.

Does the WRC offer services to men?

Absolutely. Each year we provide financial support to men via Osher Scholarship, which is a scholarship for students ages 25-50 and who have a continuous five year break in their education. We also provide scholarships to single parents. Men also receive counseling services at the WRC.

Is the WRC a Health Care Clinic?


Does the WRC offer support groups specific to survivors of sexual violence?

No. However we do suggest the Rape Recovery Center as a resource.

Does the Women's Resource Center (WRC) provide child care?

No. However, we do suggest the Child Care Center on campus. Refer to Child Care for more information.

Does the Women's Resource Center (WRC) have shelter housing or provide housing assistance for community members?

No. A good place to start is to visit The Road Home and explore their services.

Does the Women's Resource Center (WRC) provide scholarships to undocumented students?

University policy does not allow us to provide scholarships to undocumented students.

What kind of financial aid does the WRC provide?

We do provide scholarships and suggest you visit our Scholarships page on this website for more information.

How can I volunteer with the WRC?

Please contact the office for more information. The office space at the WRC is very limited and we work with volunteers on a case by case situation.

Can I make an appointment with a counselor?

Contact the WRC and a counselor will be assigned to contact you and set up an appointment.

Can I make an appointment with specific WRC staff?

The best option is to email them directly and set up a time from there. Visit the Staff for specific staff email addresses.

Is the WRC only for University of Utah students?

The WRC is specifically for University of Utah students, staff and faculty. While we do not provide individual counseling for community members we welcome community members into our evening groups.

Do we take donations of women's clothing?


Do we do academic advising?


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